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Welcome To Prewoh Nig. Ltd.   

Prewoh Nig. Ltd. is a global leader with personnel of more than 10years experience in renewable energy/power generation and circuit protection. We offer a dedicated range of power and circuit protection solutions for solar, wind, hydro power generation and distribution systems.

An innovative company has a new strategy to remove all of the barriers to solar generated energy. This solar equipment manufacturer is offering a solar energy unit to Nigerian homeowners and businesses on a rental basis. No need to purchase a system outright any longer. Unless, you have the means, where-with-all, and wish to maintain the system yourself. If you want to purchase a solar energy system, you can should be talking to us. The environment needs it. We should all upgrade to solar.

With utility rates ever going up and never coming down, now is the time to invest in a sure thing. Prewoh Nig. Ltd. has solutions to reduce your electric bill and keep it at a lower cost well into the future.

PNL is on the forefront of solar and wind power. From small systems to large we can accommodate any budget.

PNL has packages available for homes, sheds, and businesses. We can design systems just to run your outside lighting or maybe your downstairs lighting or a complete off grid (Stand-Alone) system to cover the whole home or business.

An off grid system which is a much better system if  you have unsteady utility Now you can own your own power station and reduce or eliminate your utility bill.

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Solar Rentals

At PNL, we have designed a program that allows you to use solar power without any stress. contact us for more details.
Electricity From The Sun

 What do we offer in Renewable Energy?

 PNL offers complete engineering, procurement and installation package for solar energy captive plants for telecom towers of all configurations.

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Solar Powered Freezers

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Wind Turbines, Solar Powered Parking Lot Lighting, Solar SignLighting, LED lighting, Energy Solutions and Training Education

  Installations for:

 Home, Sheds, Buildings, Schools, Parking lots, Bus shelters, Apt. buildings, Farms, Street lighting and much more...

Not only do we do the electrical work but, we also can make it for you. We understand how your inside electrical components work so your renewable energy system can be sized and installed according to your electrical use. We have a team of certified PV installers and electricians as well as a consultant team, and a site survey team.

Together we can do it all.

Why solar/wind?

 Due to the rise in power consumption, transmission rates, fossil fuels, economic insecurities, foreign relations, and not to mention the earth, our lives, corporate greed, and our children's future.


We hear and see new energy bills (increment in tariffs) being proposed and implemented by various governments of the day. Don't get hooked up in this, make the choice now.



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